What is Hard Drive Data Recovery & How Does It Work?

Hard Drive Recovery is the process of extracting and recovering data from a laptop, desktop or external hard drive that has failed mechanically, logically or by user error leaving you without access to your data.

Logically Failed Hard Drive Recovery

The term "logically failed" does not actually refer to a hard drive failure at all. Instead it refers to an accidental or involuntary change or corruption to the boot sector, master file table, file system or operating system. This type of failure will prevent a computer from booting properly, accessing data as intended or recognizing as a logical storage device within Windows, Mac or Linux. This type of failure is typically known as a level 1 recovery because it does not require a clean room to successfully recover your data. Instead, we have many different specialized software tools that we use in combination with our hardware based tools to safely recover data from all kinds of logical failures.

User Error Hard Drive Recovery

Sometimes people accidentally format their hard drive or delete files they didn't intend to delete. This can create a serious situation for many clients when that data is vitally import to their project, business or personal life. In many cases, we can absolutely recover your data but you need to stop using your computer or hard drive immediately to give us the best chance of recovery. When a file is deleted from a hard drive, the data is not actually deleted but instead, the pointer to the file is deleted. The success of the recovery results are different depending on what is done after the deletion, format or other problems, what operating system/file system and what type of data has been deleted. We will treat this situation much like a logical failure as we will start by creating a sector by sector image of the hard drive. We will then scan the image drive for the lost data. The process of recovering this type of data can take hours and hours to sifting through the results to find the data you are looking for. These cases are often very time consuming and complicated. They can cost as much to recover as a mechanical failed hard drive to recover due to the amount of time it takes to successfully locate and recover the files you are looking for.

Our Hard Drive Recovery Promise To You!

We promise to do everything we possibly can to recover your data and provide you with the best possible recovery results. We will never give up until we have exhausted every possible solution to complete your hard drive recovery. We also promise to do everything we can to remain focused on staying at the cutting edge of our industry so that we can provide you with the best possible chance of a successful recovery.