Having issues with your Apple iMac or Mac Pro? Molinas Computer Works provides a wide range of repairs including, but not limited to:

  • FREE Diagnostic and Estimate
  • Operating system running slow
  • RAM or Memory Upgrade
  • Hard drive or Solid State replacement or Upgrade

At Molinas Computer Works, there is no upfront charge. Our repair process is designed to minimize your downtime, provide you with a flat rate repair cost, and keep you informed about your service order status at all times.

iMac and MacBook Setup and Repair
Did you know that we also do setups and repairs on Apple Mac computers? We have our very own resident Mac experts that can take care of your computer and make it better than it was when you brought it in. Whether it is just a tune up, the need for a new part or if it just isn’t working well, we can fix it. So bring your Macs down to Mike’s and get them fixed.

Mac Hard Drive Replacement
We replace hard drives on Mac computers. Are you getting disk errors, or is your Mac not booting? Bring it in, we can fix it.

iMac Fan Replacement
Is your fan noisy or no longer working? We can replace fans in iMac and MacBook computers.

Setup Time Machine Backups
It is important to backup your files regularly. Did you know that Mac computers have a built in backup software called “Time Machine”. You have to perform the initial setup or you will not have any backups. Do not risk losing your files. Let us configure automatic backups for your Mac.

Remove Mac Malware
Is your Mac behaving strangely, showing too many ads on web sites, or redirecting to unexpected web sites. Yes, Mac computers can pickup Malware and adware. Our expert technicians can remove malware from Mac computers.